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President Biden under fire from the Catholic Church | GMA

Catholic bishops in the U.S. are pushing to implement a change that would allow priests to deny the president communion over his public support of abortion rights.

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#GoodMorningAmerica #PresidentBiden #CatholicChurch
Ton Marina : Catholics do not believe in abortion, period!!!!!!!! He can go to church if he likes, but should not receive communion. This makes a mockery of the Catholic church
Shawn Simpson : Killing innocent babies is a vile crime against humanity. Biden is reaping what he sowed. Keep an eye on him as he calls judgment on himself. Glory be to God the Fathet, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.
Pat : Biden Is No Christian ! BIDEN Is A Joke , A World Embarrasement For America , And Is Only A Puppet For The Liberal/Socialist Agenda Destroying America ! ....... Biden Is A Delusional Lying Liberal/Socialist Hypocrite ! And The Liberal Controlled MSM , Is Complicit In Their Socialist Agenda Aimed To Ruin America , For Their Control And Power ! Disgusting Hypocrite Liberals !
George Cross : "Catholic Bishops in the USA want to deny President Biden communion".
Maybe somebody will tell the Catholic Bishops, and the Pope Francis as well, that they, and EVERY catholic priest is KNOWINGLY is telling us, what is not TRUE!
Every one of you can check it for yourself, because it is clearly written in the Bible!
They have been telling us untruth for 2000 years, and they will never admit that they are teaching fallacy, because it would be absolutely catastrophic to the Catholic Church!
Here's what they say at every Mass, and they know that it is not true: --
At every Mass, the priest says, that the sacrament of Holy Communion was established by Jesus at the Last Supper, and that Jesus, after breaking bread and giving it to His disciples to eat said "This is my body", which is true.
But they say, that Jesus established the Sacrament of Holy Communion (Eucharist), by saying: - "Do this in memory of Me".
And this is NOT true, because Jesus did NOT say those words: - "Do this in memory of Me", and Catholic Church should never say, that it is only by those words, Jesus established this Sacrament of Holy Communion.
To prove it 100%, let me quote Jeremy Rossi from his book - "Misunderstood for 2000 Years", Chapter XXI, page 182: --
* "Of all four Gospels writers, ONLY St.Luke reported, that at the Last Supper, Jesus said - "Do this in memory of Me".
* "The fact is, that Luke was NOT present there, at the Last Supper! He was not even a Jew but Greek; he was never Jesus' disciple, and he NEVER, ever met Jesus!"
* "The other Gospel writers who were there at the table with Jesus - St.Matthew and St.John, do not say in their Gospels, that Jesus sad those words"!
* Is possible, that if Jesus was establishing such an extremely important, and actually - THE most important Sacrament - for All Times - for all generations to come - then St.Matthew, or St.John, who was sitting next to Jesus, would not say even one word about it?? That would be absolutely unforgivable, as Jesus told his disciples many times, that after He will return to Father, they MUST go and teach EVERYTHING that He told and taught them!
Anyway, I wonder, if the catholic Joe Biden knows his Holy Bible well enough, to know this TRUTH, regarding the Communion, that the catholic Bishops want to deny him...
I hope, that there will be out there, at least one, open-minded, honest and truthful, who doesn't hate the truth - investigating Reporter, and will read Rossi's "Misunderstood for 2000 Years", because, there's a lot more in it, and unbelievably, even much bigger things , which as the title says, are terribly Misunderstood for 2000 years!
Darrell Stiles : Trump is the true president! Biden is only president of fake ass news!

TS News : Telangana Congress PCC President Selection Started in Delhi | ABN Telugu

TS News : Telangana Congress PCC President Selection Started in Delhi | ABN Telugu

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M PARASHURAM : Jai revanth anna pcc
BCVS NLG : Jai komatiReddy venkat reddy...
Amaravathi IAS Study Circle : తెలంగాణ కాంగ్రెస్ PCC పదవి వంతుల వారీగా BC, SC, ST, Minorities వర్గాలకు కూడా ఇవ్వాలి. కేవలం రెండు కులాలు ఆధిపత్యం చెలాయించడం వల్లనే తెలంగాణలో కాంగ్రెస్ సంక నాకి పోయింది
mohd nazeer : Jai congress Jai jai congress Jai revant ready
Amaravathi IAS Study Circle : తెలంగాణ కాంగ్రెస్ పార్టీ కేవలం ఒక కులం ఆధిపత్యంలో సాగడం వల్ల నే తెలంగాణలో అది సంక నాకి పోయింది

Ebrahim Raisi hailed as Iran’s new president

The hardline head of the Iranian judiciary, Ebrahim Raisi, has been congratulated by his three main rivals on his victory in the country's presidential election after preliminary results showed he had secured 17.8m votes, a huge 14.5m more than his nearest rival

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Hardliner Ebrahim Raisi hailed as Iran’s new president ►

Iran’s president-elect, Ebrahim Raisi, is hardliner linked with mass executions ►

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Dazza dizzy : i knew the guy with the beard would win!
Thor Rødman : RIP-Iran⚰️
Niek Verwoerd : Voted in on the following platform :
-to promote the Flat Earth Society
-to prove that the moon is made of cheese
-to destroy Israel
Pouya Aliyan : This man was appointed as the president of Iran following a rigged election. He is among the officials who ordered the execution of at least 3,000 people in 1988. An international criminal is now the president.




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